One of the most important things for us is finding Godparents for our Dogs!

Beeing a Godparent means to adopt a Dog "virtual". You donate monthly the costs for "your" Dogs Place at the Shelter and help us so to make sure that we can effort the most important things to keep the dogs alive, feed them, and take care for them. 


You can donate 17 Euro per Month, this is what we have to pay for a 20-Kilo Bag of Dry Food,

or 25 Euro "All Inclusiv" this means also Wet Food, Vitamins, and Parasite-Treatment.


You will see how much Place you Dog will take in your Heart, even if he or she doesn't life in your house. Many of our Godparents say that their virtual dogs means so much to them like their own dogs or cats at home! It is a wonderful experience to save a dogs life and maybe you want to come and visit your dog??? We are happy to welcome you any time!


If you want to beeing a Godparent contact us